As she says in her profile, having Andrea beside you is the best peace of mind. She is so passionate in her work and you can feel the amount of energy and dedication she puts on your case.  I highly recommend having her as your business lawyer beside you. Other than being a great lawyer, she is so nice, lovely and a very kind person whom you enjoy working with.


Andrea is amazing! I was downsized earlier this year and faced with having to negotiate a severance package, something I had never done before. Losing a job is hard enough, that coupled with the stress of severance negotiations, I knew I needed help. I wanted to make sure I obtained the best deal to ensure my family was provided for, until I procured a new position. Andrea W. S. Paris was an answer to prayer. She was able to bring peace to an otherwise stressful situation. With Andrea’s guidance we were able to broker a deal in which all involved were happy and all my needs were met. I would highly recommend Andrea for all of your employment law needs.


Andrea is an excellent counselor, applying focused persistent communication with the counter party to generate a satisfactory agreement with the least cost. I will engage her service whenever I have the need.I highly recommend her.


I was immediately impressed by Andrea’s professionalism, work ethic, and fair pricing. You can tell she truly cares about her clients and takes great pride in her name and reputation.  I tell all my friends who own businesses about Andrea and you should too!


Andrea is so well versed in FED & CA employment law, that I knew we needed her on the side of our company and employees.

I have used her for more than a couple of matters. We have been happy with the outcome each and every time. When it comes to Federal and CA Employment law, you should always have a specialist on your side. Andrea is that perfect fit for our growing team.

Service & Repair Business in Orange County, California

As a Human Resources Manager, I am very pleased to recommend Andrea Paris. Her legal knowledge/expertise was invaluable in putting together a comprehensive Employee Handbook of policies/procedures. Her insight was timely and spot on. Thank you Andrea.


Andrea was a delight to work with.  She was kind, compassionate, and patient.  She was knowledgeable, thorough, and very straightforward — exactly the type of attorney/person a client deserves.  In our interactions, Andrea consistently displayed integrity, intelligence and respect.  I am very grateful to Andrea for all that she did for me, and I am confident that any one who consults Andrea will feel the same way.


Andrea helped me settle a case involving a car accident that took place on my property.  She is everything that you would want in a lawyer, but at the same time breaks all the negative stereotypes that you often hear about lawyers.  She is honest, patient, and extremely intelligent.


Andrea was a delight to work with. She took time to understand my labor situation, make recommendations and provide advise on the most efficient way to settlement. She is responsive and knowledgable!


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