Year-End Bonus: What You Need to Know

It’s time for reviews, year-end bonus, and raise determinations. I thought this would be the perfect time to get a better understanding of bonuses. What is a Bonus? A bonus is something “extra” that an employer provides to employees without the obligation to do so. Nevertheless, they are considered wages and are governed by state and federal wage and hour laws. Why give Bonuses? As an employer, employee bonuses are a great idea if you could afford it. Although money is not the only motivator in employee performance, it is nevertheless an effective motivator. More importantly though, a bonus demonstrates your appreciation for your employees’ hard work and performance throughout the year. Different Types of Bonuses Bonuses may either be “earned” or “discretionary.” A business may have a compensation plan that incentivizes employees with a bonus of they hit a certain yearly sales goal, work a certain number of hours in a year, or based on the company’s profits for the year. When there is a criteria that an employee has to meet, then employees earns the bonus when they … Continue reading

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