Do I Need a Lawyer? What to Look for When Hiring a Lawyer

You didn’t see it coming and it knocked the wind out of you.  You were furloughed.  You were fired. Your employee sued.  You did exceptional work and your client refuses to pay. Someone took advantage of your kindness, your flexibility, your willingness to help.  You were sexually harassed.  You were fired.  You were treated poorly, taken advantage of, and it shook you to the core. Your emotions cycle between confusion, hurt, and anger. You may even feel shameful and embarrassed that you found yourself in this situation. At some point you wonder if it’s your fault and how could you have kept this from happening? But then you realize it’s not your fault and that you should do something; you need to do something.  But you don’t know what to do.  Someone you trust, perhaps your father, your spouse, sibling, or a friend, said you should talk to a lawyer. But you’ve never hired a lawyer before and you don’t see yourself as the type of person who hires a lawyer. It feels so aggressive and just the thought of … Continue reading

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What Lawsuits and Disneyland Have In Common: The Emotional Costs of a Lawsuit

Whether you came to the decision to look for an attorney because you’ve been served with a lawsuit and have no choice but to defend yourself, or if you have reached an impasse in a dispute and have no choice but to say “see you in court,” what happens after this point is likely a mystery for you. If that’s the case, this is what a lawsuit looks like. But there’s also an emotional part of a lawsuit. Therefore, in addition to the obvious considerations of finding a capable attorney that you like and trust and the financial costs, you should also prepare for the emotional costs of a lawsuit. Since Disneyland’s just up the freeway, I’ll liken it to a day at Disneyland. It’s a Long Process If you’re traveling into town specifically to visit Disneyland with the kids, you expect to get there when the park opens, stay for the parade and fireworks, and even until the park closes. You may expect to do that for 3 days in a row. Why? The Lines are Long If Disneyland … Continue reading

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Have a Legal Issue? 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until the Last Minute

This is an ostrich with its head up, looking out into the horizon, rather than burying its head in the sand (although that’s just an optical illusion and they don’t really do that but you get the point). If you are served with a lawsuit or receive a letter from a lawyer or government entity, you want to be this ostrich and deal with issue head-on. I can understand the appeal of waiting as long as possible, whether it’s economics, time, or the philosophy that “ignorance is bliss.” But a legal issue is like cancer, the longer you wait to see a doctor, the worse the problem gets. Here are 3 reasons why you should consult with an attorney sooner rather than later: Litigation deadlines are important. This is one of the areas in life where deadlines are taken seriously. Most judges aren’t like that professor you had in college who deducts half a grade or so if you turn in a late paper. Judges have no problem saying #SorryNotSorry when you miss a big deadline.  This means that missing a … Continue reading

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