5 Things A New Parent or Young Family Should Consider

There is a baby boom among my friends and family.  As we discuss pregnancy and new births, I noticed that conversations with new parents often oscillate between elation and anxiety, especially for first-time parents.  Along with the joy of bringing a new life into this world comes the immense responsibility of caring for and raising this other person who is totally dependent on you. In response to a personal request from a college friend who is expecting, below is a list of 5 things new parents or young families should consider to ease their anxiety and plan for the care of their little ones should something unexpected happen. 1.  Will It is extremely difficult to confront our mortality and make contingency plans for our death.  However, when you have young children, it is essential to face those fears and plan for your children’s future should something happen to you. Contrary to popular belief, a will does not only provide your wishes and instructions regarding who gets your house, furniture, jewelry, and antique book collection should something happen to you. A … Continue reading

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