California Civil Litigation

The Law Office of Andrea W. S. Paris represents individuals and businesses throughout the state of California with business formation, business law, civil cases, civil lawsuit, contract law, and contract disputes in Southern California, including Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego.

Our office takes a collaborative cost/benefit approach to litigation.  We understand the financial and emotional toll that a lawsuit takes on individuals and businesses.  That is why we provide an early and realistic assessment of each case and provide creative solutions that take your unique needs and goals into account.  We recognize that settlement is often the best choice.  However, when settlement is not possible or unrealistic, we fight to win.

We represent clients in civil litigation, trial and appellate practice, and alternative dispute resolution.  When disputes arise, we give clients a realistic assessment of how a court, arbitrator, mediator or a jury will view the facts and issues, and offer creative options to resolve the dispute in a way that works best for the client.

We handle the following types of litigation:

  • Commercial: Contract, warranty claims, financial and corporate disputes, and allegations of fraud and breach of fiduciary duty against officers, directors and partners.
  • Creditors’ Rights: Enforcement of judgments, liens, and writs of possession and attachment.
  • Employment: Employment cases alleging wrongful termination, discrimination for age, gender, race and other protected status, sexual harassment, violations of employment and labor laws including representation before the National Labor Relations Board, state and federal Occupational Safety agencies, and state and federal departments of labor.
  • Insurance: Coverage and claims practice disputes, general and excess liability claims, bad faith actions, and director and officer liability.
  • Intellectual Property: Patent and trademark infringement.
  • Land Use: Prescriptive rights of way and rights of necessity related to road and other access to land parcels within larger landholdings.
  • Personal Injury: Injuries and wrongful death claims.
  • Real Estate: Disputes concerning leases, real property purchase and sale transactions, easements, and homeowner associations.

Each case has different facts and issues and must be individually evaluated by a California civil litigation lawyer.  It is therefore important to hire a well-qualified professional to act as your advocate.

If you need help with a California civil litigation and  an Orange County firm to advise you in this stressful time, call (949)529-0007 or complete our contact form.